Scott Burns

jazz saxophonist

"Saxophonist Scott Burns does much of the heavy lifting, living up to his surname as he scorches practically every solo."

Howard Reich, CHICAGO TRIBUNE (performance review ) READ MORE

"Burns performs with the intensity and earnestness of the jazz giants of the 1960's--John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, and Sonny Rollins....The essence of jazz was pouring from his horn in every measure of music."

- Kim Vinson, ALL ABOUT JAZZ (performance review ) READ MORE

"Scott Burns, who has a pretty original sound...plenty of energy and creative ideas within the modern mainstream of jazz, seems destined to become a major force in jazz."

- Scott Yanow, ALL MUSIC GUIDE (review of Passages, rated 4 stars) READ MORE

"...swinging fiercely on Passages. He's got a nice deep tone and some fleet fingers, but he is always melodicand telling a story... "

- Phillip McNally, CADENCE JAZZ MAGAZINE (review of Passages) READ MORE

"... superb presentation of the best in small group jazz performance... The people, tunes, and the recording of this CD are a delight to experience."

Rick Culver, JAZZ RADIO 24/7 (review of Passages) READ MORE

“On Passages, he not only shows us his musical IQ; he also succeeds in sharing his musical heart.”


"Scott has the harmonic insight and technique of modern jazz, as well as a clear understanding of the legacy of the jazz language, but at least as important as this is that he doesn't trade these attributes for lack of feeling or musicality.  He always swings freely and surely and with purpose." 

- Bobby Broom, guitarist with Sonny Rollins

“…one could indeed say that Scott Burns, in a jazz parlance, burns.”

- George Fendel, JAZZSCENE, Nov 06 (review of Passages, rated 4 stars)

“Scott Burns is one of the strongest players to alight in Chicago recently...”

- John MacCalkies, NEW CITY 

“….gritty sax work…”

- ALL ABOUT JAZZ (review of Kyle Asche CD “The Hook Up”)

“Scott Burns adds his tenor sax brilliance to four tracks. He spurs the trio along with his protracted bop lines.”

- JAZZ REVIEW (review of Kyle Asche CD “The Hook Up”) READ MORE

“…potent tenor-sax…”

- JAZZTIMES (review of Kyle Asche CD “The Hook Up”)

“Both men (Paul and Scott) demonstrate the ability to burn and mesmerize throughout the set.” 

- D. Oscar Groomes: O's Place Jazz Newsletter

(review of Paul Silbergleit CD “My New Attitude”)

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